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Some of the most common services that are included in both the Monthly Hourly Rate and the Monthly Flat Rate packages are: 
Ongoing press outreach

We will share your story with our ever-growing media database of top bloggers, journalists, and other local, national, and international online media, print, radio, and television in an effort to spread the word about your brand through articles, interviews, and reviews, and to develop strong relationships for possible future collaborations.


Partnership development with companies that may compliment your brand:

We believe strongly in the idea of "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours"! There is indeed strength in numbers and we help our clients to work together with their fellow designers, stylists, etc. For example, an accessories designer provides the jewelry for a clothing designer's runway show and the press exposure and ticket sales each would have gotten on their own is automatically doubled!


Media Training:

Let's face it; few things are scarier than speaking in front of a camera! Yet it's an essential skill to master in order to effectively sell yourself and your business. Media training from Medeiros Fashion PR will teach you how to speak in a way that makes people take notice, clearly and concisely define your key messages, develop prepared responses to difficult questions, learn to control the media interview, and make sure you’re never misquoted.

Fashion event assistance:

We will help coordinate the press before, during, and after fashion shows, trunk shows, fashion week events, etc, ensuring that all interviews and press coverage is seamless. We can also help you find ​models, designers, hair stylists, makeup artists, photographers, etc, if needed.

Social media management and fan base development:

Since social media is indisputably one of the most powerful tools any brand has, we will work with you to decide which outlets are most relevant to your brand and target audience, set up those accounts, and help to grow and maintain them, including occasional contest creation and execution.


Connection to brands for modeling jobs:

We have many, many relationships with plus size brands (clothing, accessories, shoes, etc) as well as cosmetics brands, and we can introduce you to them for potential modeling jobs.

We will also keep you updated on events, fashion shows, etc, that would be good for you to attend.


Market Research Assistance:

Since, of course, you can't know HOW to reach your target audience until you know WHO they are, we can help you perform surveys, focus groups, and other kinds of research to completely understand everything about your target market in order to reach them more effectively.


Connection to agencies and trainers:

With so many scams masquerading as legitimate modeling agencies, we can connect you with agents who are both trustworthy and successful. 


If you're at the beginning of your career and need help building a portfolio, learning how to walk and pose, etc, we've got you covered with our multitude of relationships with runway coaches, photographers, makeup artists, and hair stylists.


Celebrity Collaborations:

There's no denying that celebrities have enormous influential power with your customers, so we can help you connect your product or services with celebrities that best match up with your brand's image, mission, and values!

Note: If the celebrity endorsement is paid, the fee is the responsibility of the client, not Medeiros Fashion PR.



This option is best for clients with more needs than the "Getting to Know You" choice offers, yet who do not need a monthly or hourly package, The services below may be purchased individually or in groups. No long-term contract is required for this option.

*Any of these services may be incorporated into a monthly package!

1. Write and distributing a press release optimized for search engines: $500

These press releases are carefully written, formatted, and optimized for high search engine results by using keywords, key  phrases, and hyperlinks. One of the most powerful PR tools available, these press releases are designed to draw customers to your website and increase traffic significantly.


2. Social media setup: $500 per account

After determining your specific goals and preferences, we will set up a page on the social media platform (s) of your choice. For Facebook business pages, we will also invite all of our relevant contacts to "Like" the page in order to start calling attention to it after it's published.

*For those who need help with existing social media pages, see Choice #3 to the right.


3. Social media audit: $500

One of the most common concerns clients have is not knowing how to utilize the different social media platforms in the best way for their unique business, so this service includes a full audit/evaluation of all of your existing social media platforms, as well as your website, if you have one. You will receive a full list of suggested changes and improvements, along with the reasons why they will help improve your brand message. We will also invite as many of our influencers to like your Facebook business page as allowed and perform a 7-day boosted post for both Facebook and Instagram.

*For those who are super busy and/or not tech-savvy, you can give us temporary administrative access to make the changes you approve. No extra charge!

*If you sign a Monthly Hourly Rate or Monthly Flat Rate contract, the social media audit will be included for no extra charge!


4. Event production:
$1,000 - $5000

Planning an event such as a grand opening, fashion show, sample sale, pop-up shop, trunk show, etc, can be absolutely OVERWHELMING so let us take care of every detail for you! Our extensive and ever-growing network of venues, decorators, models, designers, hair stylists, makeup artists, photographers, caterers, event hosts, and DJs give you options for events of every size and budget. 

Note: The price above is for Medeiros Fashion PR's fee only; any fees for outside contractors are the responsibility of the client. 


5. Media/Press kit creation: $500

A media/press kit is a pre-packaged set of promotional materials that contain information about your brand, which is distributed to members of the media for promotional use. Often distributed to announce a release or for a news conference, media/press kits ensure an easy and, most importantly, accurate communication of vital information about your brand, making it more likely that people will buy your product or service.


6. Feature article for trade publications: $700 for up to 1,500 words

When you need an article written that is intended for publication, this one of the most effective and highly sought after ways to market a company, product, or service.

7. Blog writing: $75 per article (Up to 250 words)

Adding content to your website or blog using keywords, key phrases, and hyperlinks to help you get better ranking with major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc. 


8. Create and execute a Facebook Ads campaign: $750

Unlike Google AdWords and other internet ad services, a Facebook ads campaign is a laser-focused, extremely cost-effective way to get your brand in front of the EXACT people who are most likely to buy from you or utilize your services. We have gone through extensive training and education in order to create the perfect ad campaign for your brand, making the most of every penny you spend.


9. Directory Submissions: $300 for 10 submissions

Submitting your business to various online directories to help you get ranked with major search engines.



"Getting to Know You"

This option is best for clients who are not quite ready to commit to a long term contract. You can choose one of our "A La Carte" services, such as the set up of your brand's Facebook page. This gives us an opportunity to test how we would work together before committing to a long term contract.


Monthly Hourly Rate: $135/hour

This option is best for clients who have a fluctuating budget. You can set a maximum amount you want to spend each month (minimum of 1 hour) based on your needs and budget. A complete status report will be sent to you every month to keep you abreast of our activities on your behalf. You must sign a contract for at least 1 year to choose this option.

Note: With both the monthly packages in this section, you are paying for TIME, not specific services since, of course, your needs will change throughout the year.

Monthly Flat Rate:
$300 - $10,000

This option is best for clients who have the same budget every month. We will estimate the number of hours needed to accomplish your goals, then multiply the number of hours by our hourly rate of $135. Even if the actual number of hours worked exceeds the estimate, the monthly rate is still honored for the duration of our contract. You must sign a contract for at least 1 year to choose this option. As with the Monthly Hourly Rate, a complete status report will be sent to you every month to keep you abreast of our activities on your behalf.

*Remember, if you sign a Monthly Hourly Rate or Monthly Flat Rate contract, the social media audit ($500 value) will be included for no extra charge!



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